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Businesses need applications to perform.

Even if they were optimised when commissioned, performance and integration will degrade over time – sometimes quickly when businesses are growing. Our extensive experience of cloud and local deployment in complex IT environments has led us to develop services that are application-agnostic and designed to improve performance and availability.

Our We Manage, You Prosper managed service suite can dramatically expand the capacity of limited internal resources and significantly reduce risk to the business.

Application Optimisation

Accelerate application delivery across the hybrid WAN

Application Characterisation

Ensure your applications are characterised for use over the intended network infrastructure


Ensure the delivery of business critical applications to your end-users

Leave it to the experts

With an increasing move towards consumption and subscription based As-a-Service offerings, and businesses focusing on outcome-oriented deliverables, Geode are now focused on providing a Capabilities-as-a-Service model. This model allows companies access to our services quickly — in days or weeks, not months. Modular offerings mean companies can mobilise and then demobilise technologies, services and support when they are needed.

Perhaps your headcount is limited, or the available skill set is focused elsewhere, maybe you would just rather focus on being productive; our Capabilities-as-a-Service offering may be ideal for you!

We can help you!

As a specialist technical services company, you can be confident our team genuinely care about finding the right solution for your business.

Contact us and find out why some of the worlds best known companies trust Geode.